Chirch Global® Manufacturing LLC Featured in Article for Manufacturing Strategy Innovation

Recent article highlights the company’s collaborative manufacturing strategy, the Chirch Global Manufacturing Network.


 Chirch Global Manufacturing, a leading Chicago-area manufacturer of metal stampings and sheet metal fabrications takes the spotlight in a recent article featured on The article specifically focuses on the innovative business model of the Chirch Global Manufacturing Network, which the company has developed to provide customers with a single source for best-in-class comprehensive manufacturing solutions.


“If our focus is always on what’s in the best interest of the customer, it really opens the door to a lot more business for everybody,” says Anthony L. Chirchirillo, CEO of Chirch Global Manufacturing.

Through its global manufacturing network, Chirch Global Manufacturing sets itself apart in the industry by providing globally competitive costs, shortened lead times, simplified vendor management and rapid product development, all with the highest quality and best customer experience. Building off of this strong foundation, the Chirch Global Manufacturing Network presents a unique, customer-focused approach to manufacturing solutions. The Network is comprised of fourteen world-class, independently owned manufacturing businesses that work together to streamline the purchasing process, effectively creating a “one-stop shop” for current and potential customers.

The just-published article on well-known industry resource zeroes in on the story behind the Chirch Global Manufacturing Network, from inkling to inception. The feature marks a period of substantial growth and change for the company, which has kept ahead of the curve with its intuitive and responsive strategies for solving the everyday problems of its customers. The full write-up can be accessed here.

“We’re honored to have been written about so thoroughly in a go-to publication like,” states Jeremy Hahn of Chirch Global Manufacturing. “Our company has thrived year after year because of our undivided commitment to serving our customers in the best ways possible, and this article does a fantastic job of emphasizing that commitment through our continual adaptations and innovations.”