Chirch Global Manufacturing Launches New Online Quoting System

New System Automatically Generates Confirmation Email and Provides Tracking Number

Chirch Global Manufacturing®, LLC., a manufacturer of metal stampings and sheet metal fabrications, has launched a new database driven online quoting system on its website.

When prospective clients go to submit a quote, they will be able to include all relevant details in a comments box. It is also possible to attach a file along with the request. Once the quote request is entered users will receive a confirmation email with a ticket number which, when entered on the company website, will allow users to track the progress of their quote request.

When submitting a request, users should include information about:

• What type of parts they need a quote for
• What type of materials should be used
• The quantity of the request
• What kind of finish is required
• Any other relevant details

“Keeping up with online requests for quotations can be time consuming. This new database driven system allows us to easily keep track of quotes, as well as see when updates were sent to our potential customers,” said company representative Jeremy Hahn.

This is an exciting development as Chirch Global Manufacturing continues to improve its worldwide manufacturing network. Other recent news includes company CEO Anthony L. Chirchirillo being elected to serve on the board of directors of the Harvard Business School Club of Chicago and network member ODM Tool and Manufacturing Co. being featured on Fox Business Network.

Businesses interested in getting a quote can submit a request at :